"My diner was nearly shut down due to back sales taxes. Thankfully, Chadwick personally delivered a certified check to the Sales Tax Division. I'm so grateful for Chadwick."
Lou - Restaurant Owner

Chadwick Cashflow Advances


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Chadwick specializes in structuring and approving cash advances for small to medium-sized business owners just like you. We have a large selection of merchant services that are designed to immediately help with all of your business' needs. Our continuous growth allows us to give personal attention to each client's specific needs and offer creative solutions.

Chadwick provides alternative business financing as well as the advice you need to keep your business thriving.


Chadwick Cashflow Advances: How much do I qualify for?

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DISCLAIMER: Merchant Cash Advances are not traditional bank loans. Chadwick is not a licensed banker in any state. Chadwick is a private factoring company. Chadwick helps provide small to medium sized businesses the much needed capital even if you have been declined by your bank for lines of credit, overdraft protection, traditional loans, home equity loans or any traditional financing. Chadwick will not waste time going through a long and cumbersome underwriting process. We offer simple solutions that give you the financial help you need quickly and efficiently. We can either provide a cash advance or offer an alternative solution that will deliver the much needed capital you need today usually within less than a week. Although Chadwick is not a law firm or accounting firm, we will make every attempt to provide assistance in negotiating with state and federal tax revenue agents and then help you fund the down payment required regardless of your credit score; bad or poor credit may be overlooked. Please consult with an attorney or tax professional before taking an advance.